Ep 7.5 - Is Art Your...Hobby?

Artists - has anyone ever told you that your art is a nice "hobby" or "outlet" - but not a real career path? How do you react? Kerri and Shannon asked their acting/theatre friends and musician friends in the Bay Area and Brooklyn what it's like to be following an untraditional path. Hear from a multidisciplinary performance artist, an actress, and electro-pop musicians in this ArtistCEO "inbetweenisode."

Every few episodes, Shannon and Kerri bring their questions and challenges around business and art out into the real world, talking to aspiring and professional artists and entrepreneurs about their lives. 

Special thanks to Laura Webber, Rachael Adler, Alia Beeton, Iris Mallgreen, Mary Marxen, Lucy Horton, Spencer Stewart, and Lilliana Bogin, 

Laura Webber's acting website here.

Check out Alia Beeton's Voiceover reel here.

Waterfront Playhouse and Conservatory in Berkeley, CA is the studio where Rachael Adler teaches and Shannon trained.

Thanks to Lucy Horton and Spencer Stewart of the band Eugene Marie

Music by cfwatkins at cfwatkins.com

Kerri Lowe