Here's a sneak peek of ArtistCEO, a new podcast from that asks the question: Can business and art live in harmony?

Can you really run a successful business AND make time for your art and creativity?

Enter the dilemma of Shannon DeJong. A freelance namer (yes, that’s a job!) turned CEO of a quickly growing brand agency in the Bay Area...who also happens to be a writer and actress.

Unable to deny either part of herself (the deal-making, work focused CEO or the sensitive, bright-eyed poet) Shannon sets the intention to be a new kind of CEO - an ArtistCEO who makes business and art live in harmony.

But can she really pull it off when her team and clients need her? Host Kerri Lowe, (an aspiring ArtistCEO herself) guides us through Shannon’s ups, downs, revelations and existential crises on the way to honoring both sides of her being. 

Part narrative documentary, part performance art, part live-your-values kick-in-the-pants  - ArtistCEO is made for anyone who is trying to make business and art play nice.