Run Your Business

Without Losing Your Creative Soul


There are two sides to you. The business side - who loves big picture strategy, booking clients, making money...and the artist side - who just wants to create from the soul (and hey, maybe get some recognition along the way!). Thing is, you run a business. So what happens to your artist when your CEO side starts taking over your life?

Meet Shannon and Kerri. Two young entrepreneurs who also happen to be artists. Noticing that their writing and performing fell to the wayside as their businesses grew - they made a pact with one another that they would refuse to lose their creative souls, even as they bootstrapped their careers.

Go behind-the-scenes on the journey as they share intimate in-the-moment diaries, weird tips and everything they’ve learned (but haven't quite yet mastered) about making business and art live in harmony. 

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Season One

Ep 1:  So You Wanna Be An ArtistCEO...

Ep 2: The Big Decision: To Integrate...or Separate?

Ep 3: What Kind of Artist Are You?

Ep 4: When Your Artist Has a Freak Out

Ep 5: Taking Risks in Business and Art

Ep 6: Workaholic, Schmurkaholic

Ep 7: Get Help or Go Home

Ep 8: Completing a Creative Project

ArtistCEO began as a narrative podcast about Shannon's journey. Over time, the two women saw that they were both on ArtistCEO journeys and decided to join forces. This teaser is from the original pilot of ArtistCEO that will be updated in the partnership with Millo to provide more actionable content for the creative freelancer and small business owner audience, using the episode framework above.