Can business and art truly live in harmony?

Shannon "Gray" DeJong is a CEO. She’s also an artist. These two things are not mutually exclusive - however, they are extremely difficult to pull off. At the moment, she is grappling with what it means to move from freelancer to incorporated, from creative to CEO and from being a person with two names (Shannon professionally, "Gray" artistically) to one that captures both sides of herself: the businesswoman as artist.

In Artist/CEO, a podcast developing in real time, Shannon documents these big changes - from being a woman with a closet full of costumes and thesauri, to being responsible for the vision and direction of her quickly growing naming and branding agency. Listen in to enter the mind of a newly-minted CEO doing business sans MBA, but with a background in performance art and zen buddhist philosophy.

Part narrative documentary, part performance art, part live-your-values kick-in-the-pants  - Artist/CEO is made for anyone who has hidden their artist life from their professional life, or vice versa. It's time to integrate.